The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

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The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

Post  Jackal lover68 on Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:39 pm

(Hey everyone, so I don't spam DftF with my stories which have been improved greatly in my opinion. I will post them as time goes on in this little topic. As all the things I've wrote so far are non-cannon. Enjoy Book 1 as this will be the only place every single chapter will be posted before the release dates on, Facebook,, and Steam.)

Prologue: The Shocking Experience

“So Goddess of understanding. You want me to make a half maren, half goddess. I can do it but I need your end of the deal first.” Wizeman threw one of his hands at her with the eye in her face.

“I understand you want your ideya but if I give this to you, you must promise to not tell it about its heritage.” Wizeman nodded as he took the ideya from the goddess.

“Wise decision she will be ready someday. But till then I suggest you go back to your tower. I’ll have someone escort you out.” The goddess nodded and turned away from Wizeman.

“I want her name to be Beharet.” With that the goddess left Wizeman alone in his void.

Months later Wizeman had finally managed to finish the goddess’s child.

“Beharet awake, arise!” Two eyes opened up. The maren had brown skin and silver eyes, her clothes were solid white with a pink dragon, her pants were solid black with a chain on them, the shoes were some kind of tennis shoes they were solid red. She spat at the ground and looked back at Wizeman. Her stripes were now coming in they were dark brown.

“Who are you?!” Beharet growled at him showing literally no remorse or compassion.

“How dare you talk to me like that?” Wizeman yelled at Beharet who did not even flinch at his loud voice.

“Are you trying to test my patients?” Beharet asked Wizeman with her new bright smile. Wizeman growled and began to glow.

“You will regret cursing me!” Wizeman threw his hands out in front of himself, smoke emerging from them and going to Beharet. She grinned as the smoke came at her. Her eyes then began to glow a bright gold.

“This job is not my type. I’m afraid that I will have to quit.” She lifted her hands and sent a small bit of static on the ground, and disappeared as the smoke hit the area she was in.

“What have I done? That kind of power shouldn’t have been unleashed, Let’s hope that she never learns how to harness all that energy in her, it could be the end of everything as we know it.”
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Re: The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

Post  Jackal lover68 on Sat Apr 23, 2011 7:35 pm

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Beharet opened her eyes to see herself next to a small puddle. She looked into the puddle and saw her eye color was crossed between silver and gold.

“What the heck happened?” The golden glow slowly began to disappear as she turned away and got up. She looked around for any source of life, or way she should go. Heck she didn’t even know where she was or what she should do.

“Hey where did you come from?” A voice asked from behind her.

“What the?” Beharet turned around and looked at the boy maren in front of her.

“I’m Nacl who are you?” Beharet took a long look at the maren before finally gathered static in her finger tips.

“I’m Beharet remember my name well! For when you’re reduced to nothingness you’ll be thinking of the one who destroyed you!” She stopped midway her attack and took a look at this maren. He was light orange in complexion, had orange horns with light blue stripes, his shirt was lemon, pants being blue jeans.

“So you’re Beharet huh? Well ok… The leader of the grounds asked me to find you. He has taken an interest in your true self.” Beharet sent the static at him which electrocuted him.

“Gah! What was that for?!” Beharet didn’t say anything she just turned and began to walk away.

“Where do you think your going?!” Nacl yelled running after her.

“Away from you and your grounds…” Beharet responded coldly.

“Wait a minute Beharet! I have a question that only you can answer. Do you want to master your powers?” Beharet stopped and clutched her fist. Reluctantly facing him once again.

“Yes I do…” Nacl looked at her softly then responded.

“We have a base that I can take you to. The Grounds is truly a miracle. There are many people who can help you, you’ll learn everything you need to know. And once you have, you will be able to fight off a dozen of stupid top notch loyal maren.” Nacl said with a wide grin. Beharet nodded and made a motion for him to lead the way.

The two set off to the training grounds. They went through dark sewers; they fought through the mountains, sacred passes, and even through a prison of spirits. They did finally reach the last pass before their destination but this would be the toughest test for them, even with them both together. In front of them was a huge armored guard, it was in dark sea green armor, yellow strings hanging off of the sides, shoulder guards, And the weapon it clutched in its hand was a weapon that was hardly used in their time a knife.

“Nacl you’re back! Where have you been?” Nacl bowled to the guardian before him and he began to explain the situation.

“This girl who is with me is Beharet, and she is the ‘one’… Or at least Ser says she is. To be honest I think she has too much of a temper to be the one.” The guard turned to Beharet, staring at her.

“Well if she is the one she should have no problem passing the trial.” Nacl nodded and stared at Beharet.

“Good luck you’ll need it…” Nacl ran through the tunnel and looked back one final time at Beharet. He then continued to fly off into the bright light, leaving Beharet alone with the guardian of The Grounds.

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Re: The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

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Chapter 2: Beharet’s Stunning Trial

Beharet stood in front of the guardian with a look of utter confusion. The things metal face just stared at her for an hour or so before finally stepping forward with its knife.

“You must pass the trial before entering the grounds.” The guardian let out a deadly shriek shrinking in size. Beharet chuckled at the smaller version of The Ground’s guardian, thinking it would be a cinch now.

“Oh god this will be easy-!” Beharet was cut off as some force at great speed hit her in the stomach; she felt something begin to cut her deeply, forcing her to grit her teeth in pain. She jumped back and looked at the guardian it was the size of an insect and it had already started to beat the living ideya out of her.

“Gah… Sorry that I doubted you. I won’t make that mistake again.” Beharet told it coldly.

“You must never misjudge an opponent. It always could be your greatest down fall!” The guardian danced around, chuckling at Beharet’s rage.

Beharet observed and slowly charged up the small static power within her.

“I won’t be made a fool of, I can assure you that.” Static energy appeared in her left palm.

“You’re using almost half your energy trying to use that attack. If you beat me you will be able to learn much more things, without the use of all of that power.” The guardian warned Beharet, as if watching her struggle was funny.

Beharet ran at the guardian full speed. The static in her palm eating her life force and powering up as she ran, she jumped and slammed her palm into the guardian forcing him into the ground. The static had zapped the guardian for about fifteen seconds before the guardian decided to make a move back. It let out a groan turning back into a bigger size then its original size. Beharet growled at the sudden change in strategies. She looked up at it but by that time it was too late.

The guardian struck Beharet with its other arm. The metal and brute force sending her flying into a dirt crater.

“Dang, dang, dang!” Beharet flew out of the crater full speed, her eyes glistened a bright gold, as blood slowly trickled down the side of her head. The guardian looked at her this was confusing even to him. Usually a half maren, half god’s eyes would just glow a brighter colored version of their eyes, but her eyes glowed a whole different color.

“Stop right there Beharet… You truly are who Nacl says you are…” The guardian pointed his knife at the lock and sent out a barrage of slashes making the lock fall off.

“Go on through the sacred owner is waiting for you…” Beharet nodded and flew off through the doors at full speed, her eyes slowly going back to their normal silver tint.

“I’m almost through; I can see the light… I wonder what awaits me on the other side… After all a whole new world is opening up to me… It’s a little much… But I think I can take it.” Beharet stopped at the point where she could see the Training Grounds.

The Grounds had several tents up in the southern quadrant of the area, one section for the girls one for the boys, in the northern everyone was chanting as two maren flew in the air and played a game, In the western area maren were training their special powers, and in the eastern where she was were the gates. But in the middle of the entire area was an airplane shaped house.

“I wonder if that’s where I’m supposed to go. Maybe I should go check it out…” Beharet floated over to the house and began to look for someone to help her.

“Why hello there,” A voice called out from behind Beharet, she turned around to see an old maren with a smile as bright as the desert sun.

“I’m the leader of this Training Ground.” Beharet took her defensive stance.

“Oh there is no need to fear child. I’m sure you have had a horrible past two weeks traveling with my helper. Come on in and tell me about your adventures if you please. Then we can talk about you joining our Grounds and opening your hidden strength.”

“Nacl front and center!” The old maren called out. Nacl didn’t respond, but in the far end of the plane snoring could was heard.

“I said Nacl get over here!” Nacl yelped as he fell out of a pull out bed.

“If I know Nacl at all that was his scream.” Beharet said with a chuckle of amusment.

Nacl slowly walked out of the bedroom.

“Yeah Ser what do you need? Hey Beharet you survived congratulations!” Beharet nodded at Nacl’s comment.

“Yep the guardian actually let me pass for some reason or another I don’t know.” Beharet told him as she sat down in a chair and put her feet up on the table.

“I’m guessing that you were cut up seeing as your power is drained.” Ser commented with a frown. Beharet stayed quite for about a minute or two thinking on if she should answer this or not.

“Yeah it did the guardian said I could learn how to control that though is that true?” Ser let out a happy and jolly laugh.

“Of course it’s true you can learn a lot here.” Beharet grinned at his words.

“So how do I sign up?” She asked in an impatient tone.

“Well first you need to know this. The training is indeed brutal if you don’t get it first you wont learn it until the lesson comes back, and the rules are simple. But I’ll just give you a card explaining it all, now you must listen to this you can’t graduate until you are our highest rank, you go up ranks by doing work around the grounds, and by doing special missions which I’ll assign you once a month. To rank up by special missions: if you do one the first time you go up a rank but if you do one the next month you wont go up a rank you need to do two, then three, then four, and so fourth. The ranks are the following: Nothing, Normal, Trainer, Fighter, Warrior, Guard, Guardian, Goddess in your case, and finally Almighty. If you have that rank you graduate so there are nine in total. Which is also the total of 36 months, three years you must stay here to be a graduate. Now just sign our contract and you will be enrolled.” Beharet looked at Nacl for answers.

“How long have you been here Nacl?” Beharet asked curiously.

“Oh I’ve graduated I’m just helping those at the camp. You can do that if you graduate and don’t want to leave.” Beharet nodded but was still unsure. She took the pen and quickly signed her name.

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Re: The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

Post  Jackal lover68 on Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:18 pm

Chapter 3: the tour and training practice

Beharet looked over to the window and said in a pouting tone.
“I’ve been here 19 minutes and no one has offered me a tour…” Ser smiled brightly again, something told him that this Beharet would be like him when he was young.
“Very well Nacl, give our friend a tour.” Nacl bowled once more.
“Yes sir.”

Nacl walked out the door with Beharet to begin the tour.
“Ok we begin our tour out here. As you see this is the middle of the camp our leaders head place. It contains a portal to anywhere in The Grounds even the breathing/gravity chamber.” Beharet nodded and floated after Nacl exploring the wonderful and different place.
“Over there is the girls base and boys base. You will stay at the girl’s base and only will be allowed on the boys’ side when told.” Beharet chuckled at Nacl realizing what the rule was for.
“Well I’m with a boy right now right.” Nacl growled and looked at her.
Eventually the tour ended after 30 or so minutes of flying around, Beharet making one joke after the other.
“Ok now that you know the place. I trust you to get a move on with your schedule. Here, you will be going to speed classes.” Nacl explained to Beharet how classes worked before finally flying off.
“Speed classes?” Beharet asked herself in a hushed voice.
“I wonder…”

Beharet walked to her class with mixed feelings. Unaware of the fact how tough the running trainer would be.
“Class we have a new student please miss come up here and present yourself.” Beharet looked at the nightmaren who were meeting her look with a curious eye.
“I’m Beharet now can we get a move on?” The instructor maren chuckled at Beharet’s ‘get to it’ attitude.
“Well perhaps your right. Class we will cover speed, big shocker. Beharet show us your speed level.” Beharet looked at the maren with an angry eye. She should have been able to see a demonstration first!
Beharet closed her eyes and focused. She began to run the entire course which over all took her 16 seconds.
“Not bad for my course, but listen now, the speed energy is a very useful source of energy and power for life! We really don’t treat failures like Beharet’s kindly.” Beharet stopped, hearing the word failure had triggered something in her. She disappeared from the finish line at the end of the course to right in front of the instructor. Her eyes glistened gold.
“What am I?!” The instructor looked at her in amazement.
“Beharet! How did you?” The instructor thought to himself that Beharet was using her goddess powers and didn’t even know it.
“Ok you aren’t a failure... Class lets continue.” Beharet turned away her eyes becoming silver again.
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Re: The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

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Chapter 4: First Mission

Beharet slammed her fist into a wall shattering it and turning a good 3 bricks to waist.
“Congratulations Beharet you only have been here 15 days and you’re already a star pupil in most classes!” Beharet smiled and blew on her knuckles, she felt a great sense of pride in her now compared to what she had about a week ago.
“I’m a fast learner, what can I say? Hey wait is that Nacl?” Nacl was flying full speed until he hit the ground right in front of Beharet. His eyes were urgent and he looked as if he had just run eight laps around the huge land.
“You have been assigned your first mission.” Nacl told Beharet in a slightly dazed voice. She grinned and began to speak in a cool tone in front of everyone.
“I’ll race you.” An outline of clear fire surrounded her and she sped off. Nacl simply smiled as he gained an aura of clear fire as well.

Beharet stopped running when she saw Nacl was already on the top of the plane.
“What took you so long?” Nacl asked Beharet.
“I stopped at the creak!” She replied sarcastically before walking into the plane.

“Beharet nice to see you how have you been doing in training?” Ser asked her with his normal cheery smile.
“I know how to control electricity, but that’s kind of difficult since electricity isn’t everywhere you go. All in all I’d say I’m in the S range.” Ser chuckled.
“Beharet I want you to do a special mission for me. If you do this not only will you become a normal rank, but you will also get a thing that is way worth it in the long run. You see in the mountains, volcanic ash has begun to cover the whole reigon. The snow instead of being beautiful white it is a dreadful gray. If it continues the mountain maren will no longer be able to live up there, they’d do it themselves but they all have mysteriously disappeared without a trace…” Ser stopped his briefing and began to talk about the reward.
“So I will get a log if I complete this mission… Why would I need a log?” Beharet asked Ser curiously.
“All will be revealed later. Now to get there you will need to fly but your not so good in flying classes yet are you? A predicament indeed, hmm I know! Beharet you can use my warp point and I can send you directly to the village.” Beharet nodded her head and let Ser activate the warp point.
“See you later Beharet and good luck!” Beharet hopped into the portal and disappeared all at once.

Beharet landed in the center of an ancient runic symbol and looked around, the town was silent and still.
“What the, what the heck is that?!” Beharet ran around to another part of the town. Half of the houses were either destroyed or on fire, with signs of struggle everywhere she looked.
“What could have happened? Surely Wizeman’s forces couldn’t have done this much damage.” Beharet looked up, the snow on the mountain was indeed a sickly gray and it had already begun to change the environment.
“So let’s see here…” Beharet floated off to the mountain gates.
“If I go past here I can start investigating… But odds are I’ll be attacked by whatever it was that did this.” Beharet stopped in her tracks as she heard a rustle in the bushes. A raccoon jumped out of the bushes and gave her a friendly chirp.
“Hello Beharet!” The strange raccoon called out to her.
“… Great now I’m hearing things. Do I know you?” Beharet said confused by how this human creature could possibly be talking to her.
“No but I know you, listen to me ok I’m from the waking world and well I have been asleep for almost several years due to the fact I was part of an experiment, and well I saw what happened here.” It began to explain the course of the events.

“It was a nice snowy day and the maren of this place were going on with their business. Weather it was dating, or doing work, or the construction project, or just playing. But gray snow began to pour out of the mountain tops; it was a mystery to them. And then these 3 legged and 1 legged monsters came out and attacked them! They were captured and dragged to become slaves inside of the biggest mountains.” The raccoon pointed its hand up towards the tallest mountain.
“So what are you going to do Beharet?” It asked with worrisome eyes.
“I’m going to save them all, and stop whatever is going on in there. And hopefully, not kill myself in the process.” The raccoon nodded and leaped into the bushes again, disapearing.
Beharet opened up the gates and started out to the dark gray snow. She walked along the ground wondering if she could do this by herself.
“Hey wait I think I might be able to do something.” Beharet glided to the mountain wall, and put her hands on a crack trying to feel electricity.

An electric current began to go through her hands. Something was going on in there and it was not pretty. Nightmaren were being forced to build and forge weapons of destruction, but worst of all they were being used as target practice for said weapons. Beharet shot back in shock at the things she saw.
“That tech looks pretty interesting… No! I’m here to save the maren, not ogle technology!” She began to glow with the aura of speed.
“Hang on everyone I’m coming!” Beharet busted through the mountain layers, eventually landing in front of a group of maren being used as target practice. And then she saw them. These monsters were dark green with crimson blue, and only one legged. Except the ones with three they were crimson yellow and dark blue but they all were covered in steel armor, each one having the face of a bird and the mouth of a fish.
“SQUAAAAAK!” One screeched and sprung at her. Beharet quickly leaped under it and dodged. As she recovered from the fall she began to run at the beast. The two began in hand to hand combat. Beharet had the upper hand beings that she was using her speed aura, two other of the beasts began to take aim at her.
“SQUAK!” Plasma fired at Beharet full speed. She let out a yelp as she was slammed against a wall by it, and chained by two of the three legged ones.

Three and a half hours had passed when she was finally awoken. More of those creatures were around her, studying her, trying to identify something important.
“SSSSSQQUAAAK!” One of the three legged monsters screamed at another three legged.
“What the heck are these things and what do they want?” Beharet closed her eyes thinking if she could find a machine then she could bust out of the chains. But nothing was around so she would have to try that… The speed aura began to surround her again and she tried flying at full speed, but it was no good she was still stuck.
Beharet looked around; the nearest machine was a good 80 steps away and as far as she knew her powers would not stretch that far.
“The trainers at the grounds said something about gods and goddess’s maren that could control emotions, elements and bodies.But could I really contact one? I doubt It, but maybe if I tried my best?” Beharet concentrated and focused on the one machine, trying to get a feel of the electricity inside. This electricity felt weird to her… As if it was not… From this time,
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Re: The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

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Chapter 5: The Prison Rebellion

Beharet continued her focus on the machine but every so often she would try to find out what these creatures were saying to each other. She sighed at the realization this task was tougher then the flying courses at camp.
“Ok that’s it!” Beharet’s eyes glowed a bright gold; she closed her fist and let the speed aura through her. The machine far off began to crack which released electricity, the static quickly became a knife of sorts and flew at her chains. The knifes slashed her chains and within a few short seconds, they broke.

Beharet opened her fists turning the static back into electricity, she pointed her hand at a group of these monsters and began to send the electricity at them, slowly destroying them one by one, she turned around and kicked a creature straight in the gut. Her foot had gone through its armor, forcing it to fall to the ground in agony.
Beharet took this chance to jump up into the air and onto the back of a three legged, and here she electrocuted it, killing it instantaneously. She grabbed the keys it held. She glowed with a bright aura and sped across the room.
She unlocked the chains and cages that held the maren prisoner. When she unlocked the final cage she turned around with her confident smirk.
“How did that girl do that?!” One of the nightmaren shouted in amazement at the pure speed he was witnessing.
“I don’t know but we’re lucky she came!” Another one said with a relieved sigh. Beharet didn’t acknowledge the complements as she was already back into the group of monsters.
Beharet quickly sped around more of the creatures, forcing electricity into her hands, and sending it at the monsters killing them faster and faster.
“I think we should help her!”
“Are you crazy those things would kill us faster than you can say, “This was a bad idea.” But the maren charged in anyway, leading his team in with battle words of hope and victory.

“Enough of this nonsense,” An annoyed voice said from a radio.
“I sent this group here for war purposes and you’re being defeated so easily! Gah call those 36 back. Let the big guns handle this! We will not be made fools of by these lesser rejects.” The radio vanished in a puff of smoke with all the creatures in tow. But now a creature with four legs was in the middle of the room. It had spikes running down its chest and back, the monster was pure red with brown eyes, and all its teeth were green, and sharp.
“This things breath stinks.” Beharet taunted the thing as she walked towards it. She tapped its jaw twice and chuckled as it snorted.
“Ok this girl is either really brave or really stupid, or she is just both! That thing is way stronger then everything we have fought so far! Fighting that thing would be suicide” The village elder complained as he averted his eyes: fearing a blood shed.
“Sir I’ve been looking at this girl did you notice her eyes were silver not so long ago. I think she may be a half goddess. I’m not sure but she could be one for all we know.” Beharet turned around.
“A half goddess what is that? Oh well I don’t really care. But I do care about taking this thing down!” Beharet held her hands up and almost all of the machines shattered making the electricity transform into a big golden ball.
“Have some of this you dirty ape!” She tossed the ball and closed her hands right before impact making it blow up directly in front of the monster.
“Taken care of, Now I can go back to the grounds and…”
Beharet shouted in pain as the thing grabbed her and tossed her into a wall. She shook her head confused by the sudden attack.
“Where is, what happened to it!” Beharet looked to the lava windmill. Low and behold it was crouching on it; like a leopard waiting to pounce.
“That thing is fast… But it can’t beat me in speed!” The speed aura surrounded her and she disappeared and reappeared behind it.
The creature flipped around and with one swipe sent her to the ground.
Beharet jumped up and looked around; she quickly looked down to see the beast had her by the legs. It threw her half way across the room making her smack into the hard mountain rock. She got up but her vision was shaky and blurred, and through the foggy vision she noticed. The thing was still coming
“Dang this fight is going on far too long!”
Beharet began to take electricity from one of the machine’s she didn’t break on that ball attack. She pointed the electricity at the monster.
“Get ready because you’re dead!” Beharet shot the electricity at it but once again it disappeared. The monster leaped in front of Beharet. It laughed in a gargled like manor.
Beharet however had seen this coming. Now she was above the creature. She slammed her full force into the thing destroying it…
Beharet looked at the dead body with a look of relief and sadness, her eyes slowly turned back to silver. Then she fainted out of exhaustion.

“Sir we just got word that the girl has killed a large pro!” A shadowy figure stood up and looked at the maren with sad eyes.
“She could become a problem… Send the clean up crew to clear up the mess later…” The maren bowed and ran off.
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Re: The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

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Chapter 6: First Mission Completed

Beharet awoke in a strange room… It was filled with beautiful flowers with crystals hanging off of them, the room’s light was very dim, and there were pictures of the elder, his wife, and his children.
“Well you’re finally awake.” The voice of the elder called out. Beharet turned around to see the elder in a chair.
“Where am I? Who are you?” Beharet asked confused about her location.
“Slow down there. I can’t tell you right now. Maybe when you’re a higher rank because I know where you come from. You train at the grounds all the way out in the strange land. But since you’ve saved my tribe please take this.” The elder tossed Beharet a machine cylinder which felt warm in her hands.
“That contains electricity. We found it while you were fighting with that beast... You can only use it eight times a day though…Then it has to be charged, so it’s kind of hard to use if you’re in a fight.” The elder finished his explanation without haste. He wanted to move onto something much more important, Beharet could feel it.
“But listen, I wanted to tell you something. You are a half goddess… And before you ask questions let me finish.” The elder took out a picture of all the gods and goddesses.
“The gods and goddesses are real. At one point, they saved us all. Strange creatures invaded our fair land and wished to destroy us all. Do you remember anything back before you fainted?” Beharet shook her head no. To be honest, she couldn’t even remember why she came here, why she just didn’t stay at The Grounds.
“Sorry, it’s all black… I don’t remember anything.” The elder nodded as he continued with his explanations.
“You will soon understand everything. Take this certificate stating you did your mission.” The elder simply waved his hand making a portal around Beharet.

Beharet opened her eyes and looked around she was finally back in Ser’s house.
“Beharet, you’re back! Impressive you were only gone three days. So can I have a report?” Beharet grabbed the certificate. Slowly, she inched towards him and presented it.
“Um, here this is what I think you want…” Ser took the certificate and read it. Obviously, he was pleased because at the end of reading his smile grew big.
“So did I succeed or fail?” Beharet asked him with a worried face. How she wished he would just talk more and not leave the work to his expressions.
“You passed the mission. Congratulations! Now take your two rewards and honor them!” Ser gave Beharet a badge that was just plain old peach color, and the shape was a circle. He also gave her the log.
“Why would I need this log again?” Beharet asked angrily.
“You’ll find out one day! Now Beharet you have to go back to your classes.” Beharet moaned but ultimately still approached the door.
“Fine I’ll go…” Beharet walked off, depressed about going to her next class, flight class.

“So these things call themselves the Quadlegpros? It seems they came out of no where huh?” Ser said speaking into a bowl of water. But his reflection wasn’t there it was the mountain village elders reflection.
“Yes and they’re stronger then any of us! I don’t know if we can take any more of the damage they have caused…” The elder began to explain what he thought was the best course of action.
“I think we should send a team out to the land of the sky. They are having troubles as well, only difference is they have no idea what it is…” Ser bit into an orange and chewed. A puzzling fact indeed. Who would be strong enough and brave enough to handle this mission? Then it hit him.
“Well, maybe we should send Team Chi. They certainly are a trustworthy and a strong group. I’m sure they’d get to the bottom of things.”
“But they are a fully grown, fully trained team they charge a lot just to do one mission! Especially if it’s a mission of this type! Think reasonably Ser is it really worth all of what we have to give them?”
“Well it’s for the sake of the dream world. I think it’s worth it.”

Hours had passed by when Beharet had finished her classes and had gotten a shower. She started the walk back to the girl’s side of the tents.
“Hey Beharet, over here!” A familiar voice called out to her. Beharet rolled her eyes now expecting who it was. Nacl landed in front of her with a smile on his face.
“How did you do on your first mission?” Nacl asked like an excited five year old kid. Beharet looked at him and scoffed.
“It’s kind of rude to interrupt a lady. Especially when she is enjoying a walk… Look, I’m tired. I’ll tell you tomorrow, ok?” Nacl smiled and nodded. With one final wave, he walked off.
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Re: The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

Post  Jackal lover68 on Fri Nov 11, 2011 5:18 pm

Chapter 7: the mysterious team

The next morning, Beharet awoke and stretched. She looked around at the empty tent and began thinking.

“Well, it certainly is weird how people are getting stronger and stronger… I wonder what those things I fought were. Hmm, I better go find Nacl and tell him about it…”

Beharet ran through the grounds looking for Nacl. When she finally found him, he was asleep on a blueberry bush.

“Shame those blueberries were crushed!” Beharet shouted as she finally came up to him. Nacl woke up with a yell and fell to the ground.

“Ow! I hope this isn’t a repeating thing throughout this book.” Nacl said in pain, and embarrassment.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say ‘book’. But, oh well, onto what I wanted to tell you.” Beharet explained what had taken place inside of the mountains and told him about the advanced technology that the creatures had.

“Hmmm, I don’t know. We’d better keep on our toes though; sounds like they were unforgiving.” Nacl began to float.

“It’s my turn to help the guardian and if you want you can come. It’ll give you a chance to skip flight class after all.” Beharet glowed with her aura of speed.

“I’ll race you!” Beharet disappeared with a whoosh.

“She’s gotten faster; she may just be a hero yet…” Nacl flew off after Beharet in hopes she wouldn’t brag if she won.

Beharet finally exited the grounds and looked over to the guardian.

“Nacl invite you to help?” Beharet nodded and looked behind her, Nacl was coming up at full speed. He stopped and looked at her.

“You’ve gotten faster.” Beharet ruled her eyes and replied to him in a so what tone.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious. So, um, what do we do?” Beharet asked the guardian oblivious to her new task.

“We let people in and out, but if any newcomers come I give them a test. WAIT! Someone is coming… Be on guard we don’t know who they are yet.” Four shadows approached the door slowly beginning to show themselves.
The one in front wore a sandbag cloak over himself, his shirt was as dark as the night sky, and he wore blue shorts with a skull. The other three were just covered in robes so they could not be seen.
“We have an appointment!” The one in front said angrily.
“Yessss, we are here to talk with SSSSer.” The maren that had spoke took her hood off showing her eyes to be slits like a snakes, her amber hair was cut short and neat, and her horns were lined with a almost snake figure.
“Who are you four?!” Beharet slowly reached for her strap on machines button to release the electricity. The girl appeared at Beharet’s side and slashed her hand.
“What do we have here?” The snake maren asked with a chuckle stealing the electricity machine.

“Rare machine work you got here. It looks like it’s not from our time.” She chuckled and tossed it back to Beharet.
“Hey Rick can we teach these three a lesssson.” The maren in front nodded.
“Ok it’s going to be three on four! You two and your guardian friend vs. my friends and me.” Rick simply told the three.
“And if we win we get to passsss!” The snake maren added to Rick’s fighting explanation.

Beharet opened up her machine taking out some of its electricity, she circled it around herself before launching it in a random direction hoping it would hit, the electricity crackled as it flew at the four full speed, but when it was only an inch away all four of them disappeared. Rick appeared behind Beharet. Rick grabbed her hands and tied them with a binding rope; then he grabbed his axe and slammed it hard against her back. Beharet fell to the ground in great pain.
One of the covered maren let out a loud screech making the guardian drop his weapon. The guardian struggled to regain his thoughts from the confusing attack. It was so devastating it caused his normal senses to fail.
One of the other covered maren stepped up from behind and phased through the back of The Guardian. The guardian let out a roar of pain and almost fell.
Beharet looked over and quickly unhitched her machine again sending another bolt towards the guardian.

“I hope that works…” The bolt hit the guardian sending a shock throughout its body.

“AHHHH!” The maren yelped and jumped out of the guardian hitting his head into The Grounds wall.
Ser flew at full speed hearing the ruckus that was going on outside. He tried to remember who was on guard duty, oh how he hoped he wasn’t too late.
Nacl looked around as the snake maren made several copies of herself.

“Which one is the real me, huh?” All of them taunted Nacl, just baring their fangs. Nacl quickly began attacking the clones one by one destroying them. He tried to find the real one; looked behind him to see the real one coming right at him.

“What the?!!” The snake maren kissed him causing him to gasp. The snake lady quickly took this to her advantage and kicked him hard in the stomach.

“STOP!!!” Ser finally yelled, arriving on the scene. He panted completely out of breath.

“Stop the fight! Beharet, Nacl those are guests that I need to talk to, they are friends.” Beharet looked at Ser confused. These people attacked them!

“They attacked us out of the blue! How were we supposed to know who they were?” Beharet asked Ser angrily.

“Well you weren’t… Listen those people are a group called Team Chi. They are the highest trained, and the highest ranked… Now please Team Chi, come on in.” The four walked laughing as they walked by.

“Something is not right about them.” Beharet looked away wondering to herself what these people’s true intentions were.

“You’re telling me that snake girl kissed me!” Nacl shouted in disgust.

“Did you like it?” Beharet asked as she turned to him.

" Well, yes, I actually- Hey wait a minute!” Beharet laughed and quickly sped off.

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Re: The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

Post  Jackal lover68 on Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:42 pm

Chapter 8: spying

The evening sun brought nice warmth to the grounds and all who trained there. Everything seemed to be peaceful the rushing waves and the whistling trees. The environment was beautiful.
Beharet looked out to the horizon and let out a breath of exhaustion; she slowly unlatched her electricity machine and sent out a bolt out to the sea spreading it into two waves that glistened with the sunlight.
“Wow. The Grounds may be horrible and disgusting but moments like this make it worth it.” Beharet looked up at the setting sun with a smile.
“Hey Beharet, what are you doing down here?” Beharet turned around reluctantly.
“Again you never intrude on a lady when they are enjoying themselves.” Beharet jokingly grabbed the machine’s lid as if ready to open it.
“Whoa, hey, don’t be so hasty!” Nacl stepped back, playing along with her game.
“Don’t worry. You’re not even worth wasting electricity bolts on… So what’s on your mind?” Beharet asked him as she sent out another bolt out to the sea.
“Well, since you’re a girl, maybe you would know what girls like.” Beharet turned to Nacl chuckling. Was he really coming to her about this?
“You know, if I wasn’t a tomboy I would totally have found that offensive. And let me guess you want to ask that Ceeq out huh?” Nacl looked down, not showing his scowling look.
“How did you?” Nacl asked somewhat embarrassed.
“I saw your look when she kissed you.” Beharet replied, once again sending a bolt out to the sea. Nacl sighed.
“If you want Nacl I could do some spying. My price is only five sake tears. She wouldn’t find it weird if ‘I’ did it after all.” Nacl sighed, reluctantly giving her the tears.
“These will go good with tonight’s dinner. Ok I’ll see what I can do.” Beharet gained her aura of speed and disappeared.
“Fast huh?”

Beharet reappeared outside of Team Chi’s tent and slowly crept up to the side of it to listen.
“So, Trine, what are you up to man?” Trine chuckled.
“I’m just tying this rope to this knife. I figure I can use it to fling at an opponent, run up, grab it and drag it through them.” Rick nodded and gave Trine one pity laugh.
“That reward cccccertainly going to be nice. If we can sssset those people up at the Ssssky Ssssector free. What are you guys going to do with your cutsssss?” Rick cleared his throat and began.
“I’m going to buy a crystal/diamond shield to reflect energy attacks at my opponent.” Trine went next, talking about his dreams of forging an ultimate weapon.
“I’d buy my personal own weapon forgery station…”
“I’m going to buy a ranch and retire from this old team.” Ceeq laughed at her unnamed partner.
“Well I will get tons my absssolute favorite sssssour candy!” Beharet covered her mouth laughing at how pathetic this Ceeq was.
“And then I’ll get a book on flight…” Beharet smiled.

Beharet made her way back to Nacl, ready to give him information.
“Well, I found out a couple things you two can bond over. First, she has trouble flying so you can help her and try to learn a little more about her. Second, you have that stash of mega yipe offer her some. Third, she is impressed by a man who is ssssensssetive. I can’t believe I just did that I crack myself up! The rest you’ll have to find out by yourself, peace.”

Beharet walked off yawning but stopped as she felt a jolt go through her.
“Beharet, listen to me… It’s starting to spread across the land.” Beharet looked around confused by the sudden voice, soon after she began to feel a light headedness. And then she blacked out.
She was in a forest in front of a house. A figure stood in front of her with a grim look. This maren looked like her but the horns pointed up and she had green/yellow eyes.
“The life at the grounds is quickly approaching its doom! You need to stop the mission that Team Chi has been given. If it goes through something terrible will happen, maybe not right away but it’s not too late! Hurry Beharet! Our future depends on you.”
Beharet gasped as she was hit by some pyramid and sent back to her world. She opened her eyes and looked around it was already nightfall.
“Oh god, what the?” The nurse maren walked over to Beharet.
“Oh good, you’re awake. You just passed out in the middle of the grounds. So your friend Nacl grabbed you and brought you here.” Beharet took a sake tear and ate it the flavor bursting in her mouth.
“I had some strange dream… Some girl who looked like me was warning me about something. I’m not sure about what, but as soon as it happened I felt scared…” The nurse came over and began to feel Beharet’s head.
“You probably had a nightmare dear. You’ll have to stay here until tomorrow morning. So we can check up on you.” Beharet nodded still trying to think who that girl was.
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Re: The Entire Series (Violence and Blood warning)

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