What the Heck Comic (Warning, mild cursing, violence and blood at parts)

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What the Heck Comic (Warning, mild cursing, violence and blood at parts)

Post  Ace on Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:43 pm

Note: I was planing on making a sprite comic (or 3) at one point, but now this is here for archiving it and for parts that could not easily be sprited.

Scene 1

Megaman: *Teleported from Dr. Lights lab* Where am I at? What a strange place...
Woman: *walks up to Megaman* Would you like to buy flowers for chairty?
Megaman: Sorry Miss, I do not have any money...
Woman: But Sir, its for a good cause.
Megaman: Sorry Miss, I said no...
Woman: *Suddenly a giant mechanical suit appears around the woman, her eyes glowing* BUY SOME FLOWERS DANGIT! *the camera zooms out a bit, Megaman was small compared to the 15 foot tall mech.* You should of bought some flowers, now I am going to kick your butt until you do!
Megaman: oooookay...*he attempts to slide under her legs.
Woman: *she presses a button on the mechs control, and it opens a cavity on the mechs chest, a canon of sorts resting there.*
Mech: *whirrrrrrrl**click**
Megaman: Oh sh-*A beam of ice shoots at him, freezing him in a block of ice.

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