If you're favorite were in Smash!

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If you're favorite were in Smash!

Post  matoal on Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:14 pm

I've always wanted to see Len and Rin Kagamine in a Smash bros game. I even thought out a move set. and playstyle.
The way they fight would be similar to the ice climbers, in which they attack together and if the CPU is KO'd the other would be left alone.
If the Human player is KO'd it is a knockout. If duel play is not possible there could be a way to switch between them or maybe an alternate color would be the other twin (Or however you view them) They would light Speedsters with between weak and moderate attack power. They're colors would be:
Normal (White yellow and black)
Red (Red Blue and black_
White (Grey Purple and black Like Dell and Deroku)
I haven't thought of other colors yet.

Attacks (Based on a GCN Controller)

Basic Attacks
A Slap
AA Slap, Punch
AAA Slap, Punch, Kick
U+A Light uppercut
D+A Low kick
Side+ A Side kick
Side+A while running Dive attack

Air Attacks
A They spin around like a screw
U+A Backflip kick which gives them a little more altitude but only for the first attack
D+A Foreward flip kick which speeds their decent
Side+A (Facing opponent) Midair front kick which stalls their decent, but only for the first hit.
Side+A (Facing away) Misair back kick

Grabs Throws are assuming you are facing left
A Slap
U Toss up
D Throw down and stomp
Left Knee throw
Right Throw back

Smash attack
U+A Uppercut
D+A Sweeping kick
Side+A Strong punch


Neutral Haven't thought of it yet
U Bring out banana and oranhe ballons for recovery, Good recovery, but weak controls
D Haven't thought of it yet
Side Fruit toss The fruit that comes out is random. Bananas make enemies slip, Oranges do minimal damage with no knockback

Final Smash

Taunts Haven't thought of it yet.

Have I overthought this? I feel like I've done too much here.

Anyways... I got the Idea from looking at Sonic's move list: http://images.wikia.com/sonic/images/4/4b/Sonic_moves_list_thumb-3-.png


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