The World Ends With You? (TWEWY)

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The World Ends With You? (TWEWY)

Post  Iridescence on Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:00 pm

I was wondering if anyone has played the game and if anyone liked it.
Character Bios:

Neku: The main character in the game. He lives in Japan in a city called Shibuya. He is a very anti - social teenager always trying to block people's voices out with his huge headphones. One day, he woke up in a scramble crossing with a timer on his hand. He has no memory of what happened. A voice tells him that if he doesn't find a partner, and he doesn't complete the mission found in his cellphone, he will be erased. Later in the game, he finds out that an organization "The Reapers" are controlling this "game" and the entry fee for this game is the thing you hold most dear to you. Throughout the game, he must fight through the "Noise" (beings that come alive through people's bad thoughts and erases other players in the "game") with psyches(pins).A single game goes on for a week (7 days). The players get new missions everyday. Spoiler Warning:The "game" goes on for 3 weeks. He teams up with different partners. Neku's entry fee in the first week is his memory. Neku's entry fee for the second game is Shiki. Neku's entry fee for the second game is all the other players.

Shiki: Neku's first partner. She is a very outgoing person who is into fashion. Her dream is to become a fashion designer. Her psych is a stuffed plushie named Mr. Mew. She partners up with Neku when they first met near the Statue of Hatchiko. Neku was unwilling at first but he teamed up anyway because the noise was almost to erase him. Neku continues to warm up to her during the process of their weeks journey together. Spoiler Warning: Later in the game, you'll find out that her entry fee is her real appearance.

Joshua: He is Neku's second partner. He is a very intelligent and mature boy. His psych is a calculator that he holds. Not much is known about Joshua except that he encountered Neku and he asked for him to be his partner. Throughout Neku's partnership with Joshua, Neku could see images of Joshua shooting Neku. Spoiler Warning: Joshua is the leader of all the reapers. He killed Neku.

Beat: He is Neku's third partner in the game. He is a very loud and immature teenage boy who wants to be the best skateboarder when he grows up. His psych is his skateboard. He first met Neku with Shiki. Beat's first partner in the game was his sister, Rhyme. Beat teams up with Neku during the third game. He tries to find his sister.Spoiler Warning: He joins up with the "Reapers" during the second game. His sister was erased in the first game.

Rhyme: She was Beat's first partner. Her psych is unknown. She often idolizes Beat. In the game she doesn't know that Beat is her brother. Later in the game she turns into a pin. Spoiler Warning:She was erased in the first game and she was turned into a noise. saving her was the main objective during the third game.

*If you have any questions regarding the game, ask me in this thread.
*All icons are owned by their respective owners.

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