Dream Journal Rules

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Dream Journal Rules

Post  SiLK on Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:41 pm

Wait, there are dream rules?!
Indeed there are. Well, guidelines anyway.
Follow these tips in order to be respected and increase your enjoyment of our forum.

These are your personal journals for writing down your dreams before you forget them.
This is not a competition to see who goes lucid the most, or to brag if you see a videogame character in a dream.

We expect you to write down what you remember of your dream as soon as you are able to get to your journal, before the memory fades.
Otherwise, you can come back and edit your entry as you remember more details throughout the day.

Please do not try to make your dream more interesting by claiming to go lucid, or saying that Wizeman or NiGHTS or Sonic or any other character were there. If you really did dream about an encounter with a character, then good for you! But it won't make you popular if you claim to see Wizeman every night.
That will have quite the opposite effect, actually.

I cannot stress this enough, Nobody really believes any fandom stereotypes. So don't say silly things like "Reala showed up and you know what that means..." no, we don't. Reala's a Nightmaren who tries to bring NiGHTS down for Wizeman. If your subconscious warps Reala into something other than what (s)he is, then you can share that if it's clean, but if it's not clean, then keep it to yourself, please.
The same goes for any other characters.

And needless to say, upsetting nightmares do not belong here. We do have younger members and nightmares do not fit within our rating, unless your dreaming mind has you terrified of a talking animal, or something silly like that.

So be prompt in writing your dreams down.
Be honest
Be yourself.

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