NiGHTS:The mysterious ideya(Warning:Some parts may be creepy)

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NiGHTS:The mysterious ideya(Warning:Some parts may be creepy)

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Author's Note:
Hello and this is my NiGHTS fanfic.Its about Reala taking a girl named Jun into the dream gate leading them to Nightopia.NiGHTS then hears about it from Jackle and they go to save her.Jun has a mysterious ideya that can turn good guys bad and it can destory anything if it gets into the wrong hands.The mysterious ideya is called the ideya of darkness.
One night,a red and black jester(who was Reala) stood in front of a little girl, that had black hair,red eyes,and wore a very light purple outfit.She had something Reala wanted.It was dark purple and shinning. Reala then grabed her by her neck pulling her into a portal leading to a dream gate.The girl held onto her shinning purple thing and was trying to have air.
Chapter 1:
They were finally at the dream gate.While Reala was pulling the girl through the gate another jester,one without a body and wore a orange and white cape,watched.
"What is Reala doing with that girl?"it said quitely for the first time.
"Don't move or I'll kill you with my bare hands!"said Reala pullling the girl into a land called Nightopia.
"What!"said another jester,which was purple.
"Yup,its ture"said Jackle.
"Where are they now?!"said NiGHTS.
"I belive in Nightopia"said Jackle.
"We have to save them!"said NiGHTS pulling Jackle into the door that leads to Nightopia.
"Wait I forgot to tell you"said Jackle puffing.
Chapter 2 should be up later when I have more time.

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