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The Forum Rules

Post  SiLK on Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:28 pm

Nothing too scary, this is just basic forum etiquette.
I know it looks long, but most of it is just basic common sense.
Please read through.

1.) Respect Others! That means no name calling or bullying. Just be friendly and if someone needs help, offer them a hand.
And no picking on newbies, or SiLK will tell them all the dumb mistakes you made when you were new! XD (naw, I wouldn't. But mind your manners!)
Seriously though, passive aggressive behavior is just as bad as outright flaming someone and risks the same disciplinary action.

2.) We have a PG rating,but try to keep it closer to G. We have kiddies coming here and some of us just don't appreciate ugly language, adult situations in art or stories, or blood or gore. It's okay to hint at it, but keep it to a minimum.

3.) No Drama! If you have a problem, send a note to an admin or mod.

4.) Stay on Topic. Please only reply to the topic that you're in. if you have something else to say, either make a new topic or find one that better suits your subject.

5.) No Theft! We don't want to see any art or text being used without the author's permission. This applies to topics, signatures, and avatars.
Please try to use your own work whenever possible! (Famous quotes are okay)

6.) No One is Exempt from the Rules!
That means that even if you catch a moderator breaking a rule, that doesn't mean they're allowed to. Members have the right to report any mod or admin rule breaking!

7.) No Discrimination!
we welcome all races, beliefs, species, aliens, purple people eaters, atheists, etc.

8.) This is NOT a Matchmaking forum. So no asking A/S/L or you'll be shown the door - then slammed into it, like in Helen's opening.

9.) Likewise, we're not interested in matching the characters up. You're welcome to like RealaXNiGHTS or PuffyXJackle or GillwingXElliot, but please keep it to yourself. We have kids here!

10.) Got a Favorite Character? Good! Keep it Quiet.
You're entitled to your opinion, don't shove it down everyone else's throat. Please make sure that you're able to take a joke, even if it pokes fun at your current obsession. These are make believe characters, please don't take them too seriously. . .

11.) Nightmaren are androgynous. This comes from Naka and Ohshima themselves and will not be disputed. So No "NiGHTS is a girl!" "No, he's a boy!" fights, please. Both statements are equally correct.
Silk has the interview which proves this so don't even try to argue.

12.) Please do not double post! There is an edit option, just click that and add whatever you want to say to your original post.

13.) Unless otherwise stated, please do not embed images in the topics. Just post a link to the image. And obviously, make sure that the image is suitable for our rating. We'll make an exception for small images.
Also, if a site asks you to not link remotely (That means post the link to their site) then please respect that and don't!

14.) Pace yourself when posting. Make sure that you're saying something worth saying, and not just aiming to get in a high post count.
If you're caught posting faster than a productive member ought to, you may just win the coveted SPAM Image rank - Trust me, that's not a good thing!
That's not to say don't post. Just don't post ten messages in three minutes.
Likewise, please don't advertise yourself. That's considered a form of spam and we get enough of that from the lousy ad banners Razz If you wish to tell us about another site, you're welcome to add a quick mention in your signature or in passing, but please refrain from linking. It's not nice to lure DftF members away!

15.) While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, please try not to take the hate too far. If you really can't stand a character or console or series, please respect the others who do enjoy it, and reign yourself in.
Ranting and arguing about something just because you personally dislike it will earn you Negative Karma.
This includes avatars, account names, signatures, and anything else you might post here.

16.) Please don't post when you're feeling emotional. Too often, people say things that they don't mean, or later regret.
if you're upset, then you can visit the Community area for advice.
Please be sure that it's a legitimate problem though. "My homework is too hard" is hardly a life altering issue.
You can ask for our advice if you need help with homework or anything else though.
Those who refuse to use the community section and continue to moan might just find themselves with our rank: The EmoEmu!

17.) No One Word Posts.
If it's less than one sentence long, please don't post it.

18.) No Short Speak or Chat Speak.
If you're confused, Shortspeak is when you say "2" instead of "to" or "beecuz" instead of "because" or using a single letter to represent a word.
Chatspeak is what you might say in an IM. BRB, ROFL, LOL. . . you know what I mean.
It makes you look kind of lazy or immature and isn't enjoyable for the rest of us to read. Most short speak has been censored so it will appear as the full word, but please make an effort to avoid using either shortspeak or chatspeak here.

19.) No Multiple Accounts.
You get one account per person; any accounts sharing the same IP will be questioned, and if they are found to be the same person, one or both accounts may be terminated.
The same goes for accounts with similar names, especially if they sign up in close proximity to each other.

20.) CAPS are bad!! On the internet, capitalizing everything is considered shouting. We're friendly here, so please don't "shout" at us!
Capitalizing one or two words for emphasis is acceptable, but please don't type ENTIRE SENTENCES LIKE THIS, BECAUSE PEOPLE HATE THAT!
Thank you.

21.) No Roleplaying Outside of the RP Section!
Yes roleplaying is fun, but is is also disruptive. Be yourself when posting, please. Save the roleplaying for our roleplay section. And keep it
as clean as possible.
This only applies to posting in character. Small actions like ::hugs:: are fine.

22.) Please be aware that while we accept all ages here at Dreams for the Fandom, any underage members must gain a parent's permission before posting. Some accounts may be inactive until a parent verifies you.
This is for your safety, and to support some parents, who disapprove of internet forums. Thank you for cooperating.

23.) No Fantasy Relations:
This refers to online mothers, sisters, cousins, brothers, pets, etc...
It's great if you feel close to another member, but it means more if you can simply call them a friend without inventing a relation that doesn't actually exist.
It has been our experience that these made up relations distract members from reality and how to behave in a community setting. they are in essence, a clique. And nobody likes an elite group like that; it goes against the sense of community that SiLK and Infractus are trying to maintain.

24.) No Advertising!
Dreams for the Fandom is a place for fans to come together and enjoy a sense of community.
Therefore, please do not disrupt our community by trying to lure members to another site. We would never go to another site and advertise DftF, and we hope that nobody will advertise their site here.
You may link to your site in your forum signature, but nowhere else.
If it's merchandise advertising that you're doing, it goes in our Buy and Sell section, down in the Community area.
I know that nobody likes to tell on others, but please report to Silk if you see any member breaking this rule.

and the final Rule is to just have a good time here!

SiLK and her admins reserve the right to change profiles, avatars, or posts without warning if the content is deemed inappropriate.
if this happens to you and you do not understand the reason, you may PM a moderator or administrator. Please be respectful.

This list will be edited from time to time, so please check back!

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