Project: Growing Food

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Project: Growing Food

Post  SiLK on Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:15 pm

The title may change.
But I am now accepting donations for an experiment.

My plan:
A.) Plant gardens of roots, vegetables, and fruits
B.) Once grown, eat only meals made up of food grown on the farm. (hunted meat from friends is also okay)
C.) See how long I can go without buying food

I will produce a daily vlog sharing my progress and upload them to youtube for everyone to be amused, confused, and inspired by.

You can purchase the plants and supplies I'll need for me here:
There is an issue with Burpee asking for addresses rather than just using my stored address, so those who don't have my address will have problems donating.

You can also send paypal donations if that's easier. Send those to

In thanks, I will send a bag of hickory nuts (from my own trees) to the first few who donate - provided that I have an address to mail the package to.
Note: Hickory nuts will not ripen until approximately September, so they'll be delayed.

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