Faraway Avalon's Dreams

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Faraway Avalon's Dreams

Post  Faraway Avalon on Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:35 pm

I was walking down a dimly lit hallway and opened a door to my left. There was a girl in a cage, and she begged me to set her free. I found the keys next to a sleeping man, and opened the cage. She told me that she had to get out of that place immediately and started leading the way through the building. We were chased by guards with spears and swords until I decided that I had enough. (this is the most epic part) I hid behind a corner with a mace, and clothes-lined a by-passing guard. I laughed and the girl quickly took my hand and started running again. We ran down an escalator, and it she said that I had to go. she told me her name and I woke up. I immediately remembered her name, Genesis.
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